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Volcanoes on Stamps, Vulcani e francobolli, Volcanes en sellos, Vulkane auf Briefmarken, Les volcans vus par le timbre, Vulkanen op postzegels, Ol volkeno antap long stam, Gunung berapi pada perangko, Vulcöes em selos, Vulkaner på frimærker, Huoshan yin, Kazan no kitte, Volkeno fi stampu, .

Note, in English, volcano is singular, volcanoes is plural, not volcanoe and volcanos.

An image of IO

The best of both worlds,
IO and OI.
(Courtesy, bt56)

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International Association of Volcanology & Chemistry of the Earth's Interior

In view of numerous favorable enquiries, the triangular stamps below were never issued.

They are the creation of Matthew Healey and entirely digital.

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st helens triangle stamp

 For alphabetical listing of volcano areas, click on links below

Africa to Hawaii
Iceland to the West Indies

Maps and volcano data are taken from
Volcanoes of the World 1st edition,
by Tom Simkin and Lee Siebert,
2nd edition, Geoscience Press Inc.,Tucson Arizona. 3rd edition with Paul Kimberly,University of California Press.

A link to the Smithsonian volcano web site can be had by clicking here.

Alternativly, you can view stamps by style of eruption by clicking HERE

The early Smithsonian Catalog lists four eruptions of VEI Magnitude 7,
Tambora 1815 Baitoushan ca. 1050 Kikai ca. 4350BC Crater Lake ca. 5677BC

Santorini [1610BCE] and Kuril lake[6440BCE] have since been added.

Not a volcano, but rather Goddesses of the Pacific

Awesome New Zealand VolcanoGoddesses

And here is volcanoes, meteorites, and dinosaurs.



Volcano Cancels

United States Ships with volcano names

For more volcanoes on stamps visit this site run by Jean-Paul Raynal. It is in French.


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